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Without a drop of doubt, Metrogate Primavera is one of the coolest residential options in Sta. Rosa with a slight advantage over others for its sheer affordability and accessibility. Convenience, the above speaks for how convenient it is to be living in Metrogate Primavera where almost everything you need is within your hands easy disposal. 

Despite its serene and laid back environment, the comfort of modern living remains available if you are residing at Metrogate Primavera, in fact, it is even enhanced. With the best features of this residential community and the generous provision for first class amenities and recreational facilities, no one could really going with his investments at Metrogate Primavera. 

Here are some to mention: 


  • A beautiful & welcoming entrance – One of the best features of Metrogate Primavera is the strong presence of its entrance gate, sending off a welcoming message to everyone. Its beautifully designed entrance area speaks of how organized the community is, from within. This spot equally serve as the security’s screening and control area for incoming and outgoing visitors. 
  • Fully landscaped gardens – One of the best views in any community is the lush vegetation of the place, an unending sight of green leaves and grasses soothes the eye and calm a weary soul down. With a fully landscaped gardens here at Metrogate Primavera, you’ll be relaxed all day long. 
  • Fully monitored entrance & exit gates – Placed in one spot separated by a guard house, security check begins here. It is very assuring to know that all these are yours to enjoy. 
  • A secure perimeters – The privacy and exclusiveness of the village is defined by the perimeter walls surrounding the entire area. You can safely sleep at night knowing that your perimeters are safe from any unwanted intrusions. 
  • Wider, fully concreted inner access roads – To ease the movements of cars and other vehicles, including all residents, wider access roads within the village was built. Fully concreted roads, gutters and curves are arranged well within the community to ensure the ease of movements. 
  • Jogging lanes – Morning rituals like jogging and brisk walking will never be a problem at all because everyone has a space to do these exercises. 
  • Children’s Playground – Weekends for kids here were planned to be much happier and healthier with the children’s playground. A place where at a young age, children are able to socialize by making friends with other children-residents. 

Recreational & other amenities 

  • Clubhouse – The clubhouse majestically stands in the midst of a vast open space fully carpeted with lush green grasses all over. It is a place intended for every residents’ use. There would be no need to go somewhere else to celebrate your family’s private affairs like wedding parties, anniversaries, birthdays and others. Come and celebrate life with your family right within the safe bounds of Metrogate’s premises. 
  • Basketball Court – fans and fanatics alike, now is your time to shine with this great basketball court. You are free to play basketball here with friends anytime most convenient to you. No need to travel somewhere else for your favorite sports. 
  • Swimming Pools for adults and kids – Great family bonding happens here on weekends and when kids are free from school. The adult pool and the kids’ pool are perfect amenities that could surely freshen up your weekends. 
  • Clubhouse
  • Jogging Lanes
  • Basketball Court
  • Landscape Gardens
  • Playground
  • Swimming Pool for Kids and Adults
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